Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

All ages of ND Bucks

(All offered for sale)

Ice Acres PA Torch

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Born 3/9/24


Chamoise, Moonspots, Blue eyes

Sire:  Hilltown Meadows Party Animal

Dam:  Moon Station Ember Ice


From Ice Acres Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Not For Sale

Daffodil Hill Toccoa

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Born 5/10/23

CCM2 R14

Gold/Red, Moonspots, Blue eyes

Sire:  Prairie Wood War Paint *B

Dam:  Loaded Goat Farm KN Bianca

Pedigree pdf

From Daffodil Hill Nigerians

Not for sale

Trotting C Farm Sniper

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Born 4/11/23


Buckskin, Moonspots, Blue eyes

Sire:  Hall Creek WT Snickers

Dam:  Run Joey Run BB Piper

Pedigree pdf

From  Trotting C Farm

Not for Sale

FunnyBunchesofGoats Macho

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Born 1/28/23


Chamoise, Moonspots, Blue Eyes, Wattles

Sire:  RZ Acres Homecmgking

Dam:  Southern Dreams Ima Diva

Pedigree pdf

From Funny Bunches of Goats

Not for sale

Painted Feather LE Viktor

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

LA 2024 GGG 83

Born 10/17/22

PF9 P50

Light Buckskin, Blue eyes

Sire:  Antiquity BF Lestat *B

Dam:  Liittle Tots Estate Liliacea

Jr Champion Doe

Pedigree (pdf)

Not For Sale

Miakoda Little Goats Ditto

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

LA 2024 GAV 80

Born 2/15/21


Buckskin, Blue eyes, Moonspots, Polled

Sire:  Miakoda Little Goats Wrangler

Dam:  Miakoda Little Goats Polkadot


Not For Sale

Novella Farm GR Prospero

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buck

LA 2024 VVV 87

Born 12/10/20

1NVL M24

Cou Clair,  Brown eyes

Sire:  Sweet Garden Gioachino Rossini +B

Dam:  Flat Rock's Terra Nova

Pedigree (pdf)

Bred by Novella Farm

Not for Sale

Painted Feather TB Rose's Bud

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Buckling

LA 2024 GGA 82

Born 11/20/20

PF9 M68

Buckskin, Moonspots, Blue eyes

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Trailblazer

LA 2019 VVE 88

Dam:  Painted Feather Gypsy Rose Lee

LA 2019 V+E+ 86

Pedigree pdf

Asking $250

Painted Feather Snow Clone

LA 2022 

Born 10/14/19

PF9 L34

Cou Blanc, Blue eyes

Sire:  Farm Oldesouth Outer Limits

LA 2020 +VV 84

Dam:  Painted Feather December Snow

Pedigree pdf

Asking $200

Farm Oldesouth Outer Limits

LA 2019 +V+ 83

LA 2020 +VV 84

Born 4/15/18

Cou Blanc, Brown eyes

Sire:  Farm Oldesouth BBS Limitless *B

Dam:  Buttin'Heads Maguna Carta 3*M

LA 2015 +V+V 84

Pedigree pdf

From Oldesouth Farm

Asking $150

(currently being leased)