New Kids will be arriving starting in November, 2024!  We do have some adult goats listed for sale trying to reduce our numbers.  You can see what is available on the ND Junior Does, ND Senior Does & ND Bucks.

Welcome to Painted Feather Goats!

We raise registered ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Miniature Dairy Goats and MDGA Miniature Lamancha Diary Goats

Located in Dade City, FL

Entire herd over 6 months old tested CAE and Johne’s negative February 2021

Who We Are:

We are located in Dade City, FL just a few miles east of I75 (North of Tampa and South of Ocala).  We breed miniature dairy goats, primarily Nigerian Dwarf, but we are also breeding some Mini-Manchas.  All of our Nigerian Dwarfs are ADGA registered and we have one Nubian doe and one Oberhasli doe.  Our mini goats are MDGA and TMGR registered.   We strive to breed quality dairy goats that perform well for dairy and show and of course as pets.  Our registered does are priced at $500 and up, registered bucks $400 and up and un-registered bucks for $200 & up.

We do offer FFA and 4H discounts.


Our Sales Policy

Why Us?

We take pride in our goats and strive to breed top quality miniature dairy goats.

We are here to help our customers with their new goats.

We are proud members of: